MONDO GALERIA presents “Röadkill – Motörhead,” Pep Bonet’s first solo exhibition in Madrid. Bonet is one of the most respected Spanish photographers in the international documentary scene.

Pep Bonet’s book “Röadkill – Motörhead” will be presented on the exhibition’s opening night, reflecting his experience with “Lemmy” Ian Fraser Kilmister, the mythical leader of the world’s noisiest Rock and Roll band since its inception in 1975.

Read more: Röadkill: Motörhead // Pep Bonet

MONDO GALERIA presents “Forgotten Dreams,” Paco and Manolo’s first exhibition in Madrid.

The exhibition presents a collection of Polaroid’s accompanied by a careful selection of work from previous projects, as chosen by the curator. The exhibition is a tour of the collaboration between this duo of cult photographers, who have joined with Impossible Project for their final enterprise.

“Paco and Manolo” are Manolo and Paco, photographers from Barcelona, a pair whose photographs have been highly valued now for 15 years. They have photographed some of the most important figures in the world of music, art and culture. In many cases, their subjects are naked.

They make exquisite use of light and create impeccable, delicate and intimate staging.

It is possible that you know them by their magazine Kink or the monograph from the 10 years of Primavera Sound that was published in 2011. Both are enjoyable to the senses.

Read more: Forgotten Dreams // Paco y Manolo

Alain Coiffier + Inés Montes


“Fronteras" (Frontiers)

Exhibition of photography and poems in prose / 24th March – 4th April 2014

Opens Saturday 29th March 2014 – 20:00 


“Behind that forest, there is a fire

Where words that overwhelm the memory are heard.

Let me see that precise moment of love that

Hides inside the fire, let me see

Your face in this sinter sunset that

Ignites forbidden cities…”



MONDO GALERIA presents an exhibition featuring the photographs of Alain Coiffier and poems by Inés Montes.

This exquisite collaboration has been named “Fronteras” (Frontiers) and it is precisely these borders that disappear in this exhibition. We are invited to spread ourselves across two disciples in order to understand how one supports the other.

The visual poetry of Ines and the poetic imagery of Alain are united in a deep dialogue. Their voices are lost like still images in a cinematographic projection, to give way to another concept that flies over the pages of the book. This exhibition can be seen in MONDO GALERIA from 29th March to the 4th of April 2014.

Read more: "Fronteras" de Alain Coiffier e Inés Montes

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