"Microsensation" by Diego Alonso

Book launch July 2021

Celebrating 10 years of MONDO GALERIA

+Collectors edition

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It is a very special moment for MONDO GALERIA, our 10th Anniversary!

We celebrate with the launch of my book “Microsensation” a novel about love, dreams and the socio-political condition that led us to where we are today.

I finished writing this book in the year 1998 when I was living in India and I can say that it continues to be very contemporary today.

I would like you to read it, and draw your own conclusions about it.




"MICROSENSATION" by Diego Alonso
21 x 15 cm / 124 pages / Edición 2021
18,00 euros



Personally this book has led me to review the past, rewind ideas and to tie up the dots that have led me along this wonderful path called ART.

This year of introspection has helped me to understand the processes and relationships within the art world. To stop, take a step back and observe the place that Art Galleries occupy as transmitters of ideas and promoters of thought in this avalanching world that threatens to destroy anything that boasts freedom.

We have prepared a special edition MONDO GALERIA 10 YEARS that is already available in our online store, in Spanish or in English. If you  have any questions or want to receive more information do not hesitate to write to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wishing you a happy summer and that you continue with us for another decade!

Diego Alonso

"Microsensation" is a fluffy, fluctuating literature, freed to the rhythm of whom immersed in it will undress it. Rich in mysteries for the - unconscious - reader to decipher.


"MICROSENSATION" by Diego Alonso
21 x 15 cm / 124 pages / Collectors Edition only 10 copies

Contains an original painting

81,00 euros

A decade with MONDO GALERIA.

It has been (and continues to be) a very difficult process, but looking back, a very interesting one. A gallery, as I understand, is a way of life. An apprenticeship in which friendship, family, family changes, life, death, desire, love and hate intervene. Emotions, which is what we try to convey through the exhibitions we have made, collaborations with artists, collaborations with the press world, institutions and indirectly (why not) politics.

We try to put our two pence to the cultural fabric woven by society, originated in a city, but in extend to the whole world. We open a window into our artistic universe, into a world that increasingly ignores us. We play an ideological Robin Hood since we understood that the control mechanisms just feed on certain kind of messages. We proposed other narratives infiltrated in that mediatic Soma, aided by its propulsion and assuming its tools. However, we maintained a free and independent presence, without tying ourselves to fashions or trends that inherently oppose freedom of expression.

It is not easy. So much water under the bridge, on the bridge and on both sides of it. Always on the verge of drowning. Human relationships, as we all know, are complicated in their simplicity and sometimes when they seem to be understanding is when we are further away from what is actually happening.

None of this would have been possible without the artists. Those friends, brothers-children-parents, colleagues with whom we live and create together. Those who bring their art to this way of life, those who are there when you need them and for whom one is at their entire disposal. Those who want to kill you one day and adore you the next. Those who only remember you when they need something and those who are there in the worst moments. It is always, Always, a pleasure to share with them their visions, their concerns, their magic. Art is life, let's not forget it.

To clients with their persistence and understanding of our multiverse I thank them for entering our world, this invented world that speaks through its codes of that world so real that we do not even know if it exists. You sensible beings who come to our space to bring something from your private lives, whom we help and you help us select among all those emotions which ones we want to explore at this or that moment.

To the critics, please don't come. Not as spies but as friends, as companions and delineators of this delusion. Like those who reverberate the scope of that window that we open to our hearts. And that you also do it from your own heart, without desire to defame or destroy but with constructive emotional fun. As many of you have come, with whom it is really a luxury to maintain contact today and have grown hand in hand during all this period.

I am grateful to all of them, as well as to so many friends who in numerous roles have walk side by side this small journey into this Space-Time of Being.

Diego Alonso
Marrakech, June 2021.

Margherita Chiarva

“The Space in Between

Exhibition from 26th until 29th February 2020

Opening 28th February 2020 - 19hs

MONDO GALERIA presents for the first time in Spain "The Space in Between" an individual exhibition by Margherita Chiarva, an artist who closes with her work and career an evolutionary circle opened towards the end of the 19th century by British pioneer Anna Atkins.

The Space in Between 2019
© Margherita Chiarva

The idea in her work stems from the interaction with materials and creative research. It is not a process of imitation but a process of generating a new reality embodied in silver salts. The magic of shades and textures born with the impact of light on the photosensitive material. Sometimes an image looks like one thing, other times, forms appear from the shadows or well interact with remains of reality stolen from a negative discard. But always, the unknown emerges, brings to surface a new invented reality in which who wants to see will find.

The exhibition curated by AD Studio is completed by the soundscape "Call Thou Upon My Name Unto Eternity, And It Shall Never Fail" created by Toni Castells to accompany the imagery created by Margherita Chiarva, and to elevate the space of the gallery into a sacred-spiritual escape for visitors to dive into an immersive experience.

Read more: "The Space in Between" an exhibition by Margherita Chiarva


un libro de Sergio de Arrola


PRESENTACIÓN Jueves 19 de Diciembre 2019 de las 14hs a las 21hs



 "Él se preguntaba si ella se preguntaría si él la la estaba mirando."
Raymond Carver - ¿Quieres hacer el favor de callarte, por favor?

MONDO GALERIA te invita a conocer “Tulipanes y Yonkis” el nuevo libro de Sergio de Arrola centrado en los Países Bajos. Como en sus anteriores libros (Rolling Habits USA y Africa) el artista recorre documentando desde su punto de vista la Holanda profunda. Un universo inventado donde la belleza de las cartas postales se pierde detrás de una realidad poética diferente. En un “encuentro” que sin ser hostil genera una repulsión atrayente, como la de un yonki a su droga. La aparente pulcritud se quiebra en una cotidianidad menos limpia y enaltecida por las palabras heroico-refulgentes que vomita con su Olivetti el poeta Juan Tosina sobre los pliegos color Raymond Carver de este libro. Poesía y fotografía se unen en un diálogo triunfal hacia una nada contundente, misteriosa y distante a la que nos lleva esta narrativa onírica plasmando en dípticos una sociedad tan real que parece no existir.

Read more: "Tulipanes y Yonkis" un libro de Sergio de Arrola

St. Moritz


Art exhibition at Chateau Papillion des Arts

26 - 30 December Via Foppas 15 – St. Moritz Dorf - Switzerland

Curated by AD.Ibiza

Man Ray / Deborah Feingold / David del Bosque / Álvaro Laiz / Margherita Chiarva / Sergio de Arrola / Daniel Meuli / Deisho Shito / Kesang Lamdark / Macoto Murayama / Burkhard von Harder / Giorgios Vogiatzakis / Frau Tutsberger  / Oliver Conrad  / Fred Evans / Thomas Jost / Beny Steiner / Enrico Giacometti / Lorenzo Polin / Johann Feuerstein / Noemi Manser / Toni Castells

MONDO GALERIA and ChAI ShOP in collaboration with PRIMO PIANO presents for the first time in St. Moritz “Das Magisches Theater” an art exhibition curated by AD.IBIZA studio as a tribute to the novel “Steppenwolf” by the Swiss Nobel Price winner Hermann Hesse.

This immersive exhibition present more than 30 artworks by 25 local and international artist from emerging talent to old masters working in different media, from photography and sculpture to video and audio installations.  

This show references an invitation that Steppenwolf's Harry Haller receives to attend an “Anarchist Evening at The Magic Theatre. For Madmen Only. Price of Admission Your Mind”. The exhibition takes us onto an interpretation of life as a performance, reality and fiction, where art acts as a mirror to us spectators, on a path to discover the self and its pluralities as an inherent condition of mankind.

The exhibition will take place at Chateau Papillion des Arts at a walking distance from the famous Dracula Club in St. Moritz Dorf from 26th to 30th December as part of the KunstKantine PRIMO PIANO.

Das Magische Theater by Diego Alonso


In a strange twist of events, the human mind was first dethroned and banished from the center of creation only to reawaken in the fabric of existence.
Information - Consciousness - Reality” (2019) James B. Glattfelder

In eternity there is no time, only an instant long enough for a joke.
Steppenwolf” (1927) Hermann Hesse



Once you are into this magic dance of life nothing will be again as ever. Out of your comfortable numbness you will encounter extraordinary sensations that will build up your ideas muscle by muscle.

From now on the curtain is open and you will jump spontaneously to your public.


Life as a performance.


Margherita Chiarva "The space in between #1" Platinum Palladium Print 120 x 80cm

Memory is a Snow ball avalanche pushing you through life as a spontaneous chain of orgasms.

Easy apocalyptic predictions obscuring relevant brilliant futures feed garbage into angelical mouths.

Engines pumping testosterone on a scaling road to nowhere. Genital transformation of an emotional soul. Oedipus or Electra running through the veins of an uprising stallion. Everything set to gallop towards an open field of velocity.

Time is a matter of consciousness with Hyperthymestic syndrome.

Nostalgia of unforgotten youth.

Álvaro Laiz "Transmongolia" Pigment Print 120 x 80cm

First steps in adult life takes us to a definition of boundaries which are there to be destroyed through an ascension into freedom of time and space. A walk through a narrowed social path that contains a pulsing adolescent appetite for destruction. Adrenaline track pumping steroidal anxiety in volcanic muscle fiber. Octopusian mind of substantial awakening.

Kill your parents. Kill your God. Kill your teachers.

Small town enormous inferno.

Art separates us from other species. Artificial Intelligence pervading over organic masturbation. Conscious empiric accusation to what hides beneath society's aspirational freedom.

There is no time for mass produced cheap trash. It's time for high-end custom particles of subatomic intelligence proliferating through spiritual friendly markets. Time to create a chorus reality where space is understood as an eternal multiplayground for existence divers.
     … Being as air.

Deceptive perfect future.

A guide in the desert.

Frau Tutsberger "Nightjar" Oil on canvas 160 x 160cm

Nobody seems to need nothing in their own perception of perfection. But deserts need rain as light seeks darkness to attain a balanced mental physic emotion where just pure soul remains, if any of all these vibrations are transcendental. Past. Passed.

Breath. Decelerate. Enjoy.

Burkhard von Harder "Mirage" Photograph on paper 160 x 110cm

Your satisfaction is not your responsibility it is part of a vibrational reality created as the same field of all of us. You can expect. You can demand, but nothing will be the same from now on, you will experience the emptiness that will help you grow.

Close your eyes and relax.

Welcome to Das Magische Theater.

Johann Feuerstein "Portrait" 30 x 40 cm Photograph / Macoto Murayama "Botech Composition" Video

Read more: "DAS MAGISCHE THEATER" exhibition by AD.Ibiza / St. Moritz

 Alberto Echegaray Guevara



Global Lie & Money Talks

 Saturday 11th May to 24th November 2019 - Palazzo Mora - Venice


MONDO GALERIA and the European Cultural Center present for the first time the work of Alberto Echegaray Guevara at LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA.

Invited by the GAA Foundation, Diego Alonso, director of MONDO GALERIA, selected "GLOBAL LIE & MONEY TALKS", both projects by the Argentinean artist Alberto Echegaray Guevara for the exhibition "Personal Structures" taking place at Palazzo Mora, Giardini Marinaressa and the Palazzo Bembo during the 58th edition of La Biennale.

One Million Dollar Sphere, 2016
$1,000,000 Authentic US Dollars, destroyed
Blown Glass Sphere
Silver Plated.
50 x 50 x 60 cms

 GLOBAL LIE is the latest project of the multi-faceted Echegaray Guevara. A metallic Pinocchio, 3mtrs hight, using the figure of the Italian puppet and the allegory of the novel by Carlo Collodi to focus our attention on global corruption today. The sculpture created in polished stainless steel was presented for the first time in the city of Buenos Aires during the last G-20 Summit in front of the venue where the dignitaries of the participating countries met.

The sculpture installed at the entrance garden of Palazzo Mora opens the exhibition "Personal Structures". On the first floor other three works by Alberto Echegaray Guevara make the installation MONEY TALKS: One Million Dollar Sphere, One Million Euro Sphere and One Million Crypto Sphere.

The first two works made in blown Murano glass contain one million dollars and one million euros, respectively, crushed to support the artist's prophecy about the disappearance of paper money as we know it today.

The third one is technologically more complicated. It presents an electronic capsule containing 1,000,000 US dollars in Bitcoins and a digital screen connected to the 4G frequency with the real-time quotation of the crypto-currency.

It is very important the relationship between each project to understand the importance of an artist that goes beyond the limits of art to comment on the socioeconomic reality we are living. A sudden change of paradigm in the distribution of wealth and in the way that it is accumulated and traded.


Crypto Sphere, 2018
Flexible HD Screen, Internet connected. Acrylic Sphere
Titanium capsule containing private keys of 250 Bitcoins.
Application development software. Live online ticker connected to the internet and 4G network.
One meter diameter sphere.



  "What is demonstrably good in the sphere of economics may be far from good for men and women as voters or even as human beings." A. Huxley - Brave New World. 1958

Money is energy. Sphere is perfection.
A perfect sphere is a symbol of totality, uniformity, concurrency, and sacred geometry. It is eternal, cyclic, it has no beginning and no end.

In times of Krypto blooming as hibiscuses in spring, vanishing of currency as we know seems imminent (is it? Considering the intriguing relationship, we have developed with notes and coins).

Beneath the prophetic “One Million Dollar Sphere” by Alberto Echegaray Guevara lies a theoretical graphic of a cycle: from the origin to the end of monetary simbology.
The dollar sign created as a seal of property for Spanish conquerors slave trade, will return as an implanted microchip in a not too far future. Made by an S (spirito) and two crossed nails (clavo - nail in Spanish) this sign made it into coins, coins became cheques and cheques notes, later credit cards and mobile handsets. Next step: The implanted chip as a tattoo. A new property mark for the love mammal, as seen on daily basis production of implants for pets.

In this renewed world order, fed by fear and epidemic shopping, the algorithm becomes a paradigm. The hidden influence of the global monetary system, and the effect of consumerism on spiritual values questions the future of currencies and modern society’s obsession with material wealth.

At a glance, an (apparent) micro-division of power arises. The dollar sign takes a new perspective losing hegemony on the markets. Sign of the times (are changing). Through a process of decentralization, if possible. Investors are flying as migratory birds to new centres of accumulation: formerly free of trace; today integrated by financial regulators (Banks). Chamber beneath. Lies.

Globally Pinocchio is a sign, an allegory of corruption. A humanoid who lies to be loved. How does an epic created to educate children of an Industrial Era adapt to a Bit Generation? The Ch´I, the Prana, LOVE.

From wood to a post-Space-Era alloy, Pinocchio represents the greed in Humanity. The moral beneath this tale also alerts us of artificial intelligence and the drama behind it as portrayed by later Maestros from Aldous Huxley to Stanley Kubrick. An extremely centralized power transvestite as a soft-social revolution based on individualization(?). Mechanic prototypes of a refreshed mythology.

You decide, lies or love.

Diego Alonso - Ibiza, December 2018.


ESculpture, Polished Stainless Steel
3mts High. Base 1,5 mts. 180 Kgs
Exhibited during G20 Meetings in Argentina


“When an artist sells art for millions of dollars, you can’t see art anymore...the only thing you see is money. The strength of Alberto’s concept is how he captured the commoditization of art with an incredible simplicity...”
Marina Abramovic, performance artist, New York, 2015.

About the Artist


Alberto Echegaray Guevara is a new media artist and entrepreneur who was born in Caracas, Venezuela, he currently lives and works in between New York City and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He is an emerging artist working in the fields of site-specific, immersive installations and parametric sculptures and his works explore ancient symbolism, monetary systems and the future of transactional platforms through creating a hybrid relationship between money, new media and architecture.

He holds a Master of Arts from Georgetown University in Public Administration, a Graduate Diploma in Management from Harvard Business School as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations from West Point and Argentina’s Military Academy. He is a former cavalry officer in the Argentinian army.

As a media artist, designer and spatial thinker, Alberto Echegaray Guevara is intrigued by the ways in which the evolution of contemporary culture requires us to create a new aesthetic, technique and dynamic perception of monetary systems and human values. Cayman builds his works on the nomadic subject’s reaction to and interactions with unconventional materials and spatial orientations. Embedding money (symbols of power) into media arts and architecture, he explores the possibility of a post-digital, architectural future in which there are no more nondigital realities.

He invites viewers of his pieces to visualize disruptive realities by presenting them with the possibility of redefining the functionalities of both the interior and exterior architectures of the socio-economic systems that rule our world. Privileging difference rather than singularity and movement rather than stasis,
Alberto Echegaray Guevara faces all the new challenges that the gradual development of an enriched, immersive environment and ubiquitous technology impose on media artists, engineers and architects. How is our interaction with space changing now that digital objects ranging from smart phones, human microchips and new transportation systems have all but colonized our everyday lives?

How have media and new technologies changed our con- ceptualization of moral values and space, and how has art embraced these shifting conceptualizations? These are the main questions that Cayman tackles by not only`` integrating media into built forms, but also translating the logic of a new media technology into spatial design and immersive installations.

He has been awarded numerous honors, awards and resi- dencies and has served as a guest lecturer. He is a frequent guest commentator on global media outlets like CNN, Univision, Voice of America, Al Jazeera and Telemundo, and has been noted for his defense of human rights and democracy in Latin America. He is currently the Director of the biotech firm Control Micro, which has developed biopolymers with applications for water purification and the sterilization of critical public environments at minimal cost for the developing world. During a decade spent living in Washington, DC, Echegaray Guevara served as the Latin American Director of Ashoka, where he was in charge of projects related to topics such as human rights, the environ- ment, health, and education in more than 40 countries.


“During the last year I have been looking for something that surprised me ...your concept and your art is unique... You really surprised me... Congratulations...”
Rebecca Taylor. communications director at MOMA PS1, New York


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