Margherita Chiarva

“The Space in Between

Exhibition from 26th until 29th February 2020

Opening 28th February 2020 - 19hs

MONDO GALERIA presents for the first time in Spain "The Space in Between" an individual exhibition by Margherita Chiarva, an artist who closes with her work and career an evolutionary circle opened towards the end of the 19th century by British pioneer Anna Atkins.

The Space in Between 2019
© Margherita Chiarva

The idea in her work stems from the interaction with materials and creative research. It is not a process of imitation but a process of generating a new reality embodied in silver salts. The magic of shades and textures born with the impact of light on the photosensitive material. Sometimes an image looks like one thing, other times, forms appear from the shadows or well interact with remains of reality stolen from a negative discard. But always, the unknown emerges, brings to surface a new invented reality in which who wants to see will find.

The exhibition curated by AD Studio is completed by the soundscape "Call Thou Upon My Name Unto Eternity, And It Shall Never Fail" created by Toni Castells to accompany the imagery created by Margherita Chiarva, and to elevate the space of the gallery into a sacred-spiritual escape for visitors to dive into an immersive experience.

The Space in Between 2019
© Margherita Chiarva

The Space in Between.

"There is not past, no future; everything flows in an eternal present." ~ James Joyce

From high up everything is measured in another scale. The disappearance of a reference point gives us freedom to see.

Infant ruthless curiosity extended.

Close your eyes and feel the light behind your lids taking over at the rhythm of your breath, glowing through the dance of a vanishing mind out of thought. Slow flow of connected particles. Oracle for a transcendental path.

In the mist of enlightened awakeness obsidian beings relent time warped into polished curves. Propelled by stardust asteroids while future pyramids are dismantled.

Platinum shades of vulvar repetition. Interplanetary rejuvenation of the soul.




The warmth of finger tips. Kundalini lover rising underwater fiber textures. Water is eternal. It connects us with our ancestors. The water that is today has always been, as your soul. The water you are made of is the water drunk by previous civilizations. The secrets on your palm.

Let the rain do its job.

Undiscovered human longing for the unattainable.

In times of Camus-mask-paranoia the tangible factor become an asset to the artist expression onto a viewer's experience. Far from simple visual manifestations of texture, beneath the absence of color erupts joy.

From the jungle everything looks different, as if time would have stop in the space in between where Margherita Chiarva' s imagination takes off.

Diego Alonso, Geddai Valley, Tamil Nadu, February 2020


About Margherita Chiarva

Margherita Chiarva was born in Milan, where she lives and works alternating with the island of Ibiza in Spain. Graduated from Central Saint Martins in London, she formed a collective based in Istanbul in 2014 and returned to her hometown where she specializes in silver salt printing research, working manually on film with the use of chemicals development and various analogous methods. Her photographic journey is based mainly on her investigation of manual techniques and a personal revelation through images.

The Space in Between 2019
© Margherita Chiarva


About Toni Castells

HSpanish composer. Originally from Barcelona, he now resides in London, where he composes, records and performs his own music. In 2007 he naturalised as a British citizen.


The Space in Between 2019 / Hard Cover / 32 Pages
© Margherita Chiarva



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