Choral Exhibition

Desert Waters

Álvaro Laíz / Werner Herzog / Jonathan Debin /Miguel Soler-Roig / José del Río Mons / Marjan Pejoski /Burkhard von Harder / Ming Zhao / Sergio de Arrola / Deisho Shito /  Xavi Soler / Romy Querol / ellebannA / Can 7 Art Residency / Crystal Mountain Project

Curated by Diego Alonso

Centro Cultural de Jesús 4th to 20th October 2019

Calle Faisán 7 – JESÚS - IBIZA

Opening - Friday 4th October / 20:45hs

at 19hs Before the opening will be screened the movie by Werner herzog :
Queen of the Desert


MONDO GALERIA presents for fourth year in a row the choral exhibition “IBICENCO” at Centro Cultural de Jesús, Ibiza.

“Ibicenco is in addition to being native of the island Ibiza, a particular way of doing, of thinking, of relating to the world”. D.A.

This 4th edition of IBICENCO wonders about rareness, uniqueness or extraordinariness in different fields from art to social and from visual to tacitness. Unusual artworks from peculiar artists from uncommon origins of mixed media. Cinema, performance, photography and installations occupy the Centro Cultural de Jesús in Ibiza to create a chorus of artistic voices under the curatorial direction of Diego Alonso (founder of this exhibition in 2015).

Under the theme “Desert Waters” this group of international artist bring together a multimedia exhibition where the visitor can be amused not only by the variety and quality of its more than 30 artworks but also by the role he/she takes into the show as a connector of ideas or synthesizer of conceptual contents. The artworks create a limbo outside a state of emptiness of todays masses triggering in many different directions messages connected to each other only in the mind of the spectator.

The exhibition hall acts as a point of encounter for creators from all over the world and from different fields of art. A no man’s land with reminiscences of encounter. Where the curators role is to generate the platform for all those voices to sing in unison.

From recently graduated artists from the Royal College of Art in London to a legend as Werner Herzog. From an artist residency as Can 7 in Formentera to a high vibrational healing and experimentation project as Crystal Mountain. The artist and projects selection has been based on the theme of this exhibition´s edition, all are scarce, rare and overall: extraordinary… as Desert Waters.



Werner Herzog

Queen of the desert

Nicole Kidman and director Werner Herzog bring to life the extraordinary true story of a trailblazing British woman who found freedom in the faraway world of the Middle East. Gertrude Bell (Kidman) chafes against the stifling rigidity of life in turn-of-the-century England, leaving it behind for a chance to travel to Tehran. So begins her lifelong adventure across the Arab world, a journey marked by danger, passionate affairs with a British diplomat (James Franco), a military officer (Damian Lewis) and a lifelong friendship with the legendary T.E. Lawrence (Robert Pattinson). But most of all it is Herzog’s story of a woman’s love of the desert, its freedom, its culture and its beauty.  Stunningly shot on location in Morocco and Jordan, Queen of the Desert reveals how an ahead-of-her-time woman shaped the course of history.

Jonathan Debin, executive producer of the movie will be present in the auditorium to answer queries on the realization of this Academy Award Winner mega-production.

*FREE ENTRANCE UNTIL AUDITORIUM IS FULL  (Friday 4 October - 19hs sharp)




EllebannA (featuring Marina)

ENTANGLED is a voyage into consciousness of our inner shadow and light. Visually captivating and publicly engaging as it expands and explores, reaching out, discovering boundaries and searching for perfect balance from within.

A provoking performance of high intensity, surfacing the truths we constrain. Embracing the Yin & Yang within us all, recognising how opposite or contrary forces may actually be complimentary and interconnected. Embodying our light & dark, masculine & feminine, old & young.

Like a nucleus, we come into this world from a safe sacred space with pure intentions. When we immerse ourselves and grow as part of this universe, we are confronted by the journey of life, forever searching for freedom, peace and love.

*FREE ENTRANCE UNTIL AUDITORIUM IS FULL  (Friday 4 October - 21.30hs sharp)




DESERT WATERS by Diego Alonso

The state of contradiction creates conflict and this conflict does not bring about peace - which is simple, obvious fact.
“The First and Last Freedom” (1975) Jiddu Krishnamurti

Between sky and ocean the limit appear to us as a reminder of infinity; or a defragmented time and space in which we are Being. By endlessly vanishing we are prompt to a more precise perception than that of “partition” understood as a score to instantaneously dance the melody of the present. At this level everything seems to fade in to a chain of unimportant events, though this ensemble of links united by sequence are those Creators of what moment by moment we assimilate as Reality.

Paradise is exactly like
Where you are right now
“Language is a Virus” (1981) Laurie Anderson

The intangible core of all things is made of longitude and frequency. They offer a vibrational communication which has richer nuances than symbology. This makes meditation an expression of a dimension abstracted from sense.

Language despoils sound of its essence while giving it concept, symbol.

Never seek power - she said.

Partition of land by limits only generates destruction. Ottoman sands blowing in the wind as a new empire rises. The politics and laws of capitalism as we know today stuck in pyramidal contradictions are only equivalent to the monarchic structures of a past with no future. Why can we not organize our souls in block chain formations as natural structures? Why do we need leaders to ride our time? Inside, deep inside, it is just the Matter, that’s no news. From pre-vedic times deep understanding of the self starts by destroying the ego, by breaking through MAYA.

The creation of communities is intrinsically destined to fail. Communication creates a stuck node where flow does no longer reverberate. Is an Illusion or a glitch in the structural system of the universe. Humanization out of control in a ramble train to nowhere. Until no self-freedom arises the plot will be an uncut repetition of unnecessary conflict.

When the curtain of the past or future is open, there is nothing.

The energy field released by our body contains all the information related to our being in that exact moment. As musical notes stricken on a violin cord this energy can be felt as it passes through our senses.

Family is the first wrong pyramidal structure. Based on gender and antiquity it creates a social partition from root. Mere agglomeration of radicals limiting the expansion of boundaries from multidirectional coercion.

Fictitious supremacy of an Arian illusion surrendered to an unfolding knowledge of the past. Failing in peace, fails to LOVE. Into dimensional measurements of the soul your wideness gets narrowed to a line of synthesized substances from an unknown jungle of discoveries. You see, you don’t feel. You acknowledge. But you don’t….

Spells from the future into a demanding energy field. Creatures of assumed bluish fluids get out of your cocoon shelter. Here in the midst of the present nothing else.

Social demand of holiday memories. Past - oh! glory Future. In meta-toys of plastic civilians. Let go. Float on the rhythm of your voice and dance with algorithmic senses. Delete your steps into the glory, wHole.

Shots of schizophrenia from a paranoiac Bible. Karmic returns of cyclic humanity. Perpetual state of Cabaret Voltaire. Crumbling fear of human-language-evolution.

I’m you, not me.

Scarce souls as water in the desert.

Álvaro Laíz "Transmongolia"

 Álvaro Laiz´s work deals with narratives where traditional culture, nature and industrial development converge. Since 2014 he has committed himself to explore the links between our distant past and our near future through a multidisciplinary study of hunter-gatherers populations, revealing the profound connection between natural world and ourselves.

For Álvaro, the artistic practice and way of living resemble a kind of labyrinth. The  concept of the unknown and the element of surprise of what awaits you is the invitation to enter.

The Labyrinth is a metaphor for self-awareness, change and evolution, either by inviting you to consume the story or by subtly addressing personal experiences. In this journey of discovery and self-discovery, the movement is always quiet and slow, allowing viewers to come into the scene and let things happen. A labyrinth can aesthetically shape the way of seeing.



Ming Zhao "Melting glass"

Ming Zhao is Inspired by and based on object-oriented philosophy, Ming Zhao’s works concern daily objects and their potential for autonomy. During her research, she became interested in ‘correlationism’ and ‘miscorrelation’. (Correlationism – a philosophical standpoint that we cannot directly access thinking and being, but only the correlation between them.)
Her art can be seen as questioning these two points of view in the form of art practices. Ming hopes that, through these experimental practices, viewers and the artist herself can have a new and deeper understanding of themselves and the everyday objects around them.

Miguel Soler-Roig "Weightless Waves"

Miguel Soler-Roig experiments with shapes and light in the series Weightless Waves, to draw the limits of a parallel reality, in continuous suspension. The source of inspiration is the result of a visit to White Sands the the only desert in the world formed by pure white gypsum sand, in New Mexico. 

The figure plunge into the void of a dry space where waves emerge or stand against the wind in open air. They are waves of liberation, lines of a frozen time without apparent direction. The essence of these forms is their lightness: floating in ethereal atmospheres they are manifested with the lightness of a sigh. 

Formally, the images are characterized by evanescent and luminous forms, always seductive, in a clean atmosphere. A strong contrast with the history of a desert where the first atomic weapon in human history was detonated charges this images with a strong Anti-War message.



Burkhard von Harder "Desertic Mirage"

Burkhard von Harder´s imagery varies but that unique approach is in all his works, from film to still photo to installations he decomposing ability puts his creation at a new level of expectation, far from any pre-conceived iconography, near to a ceremonial ritual of his erratic life.

With the interest in the concrete diminishing, multi-stable imagery is getting into my current focus. Where I used to arrange, manipulate, conceptualise, I become more intention-less, images are coming my way as gifts. Leonardo da Vinci advised to look at fire, clouds or decaying walls in order to connect with the deeper levels of our consciousness. My new images you will experience as ever changing, reflecting what’s on your mind.

Sergio de Arrola "Rolling Habits - Africa"

Sergio de Arrola´s odyssey started with Rolling Habits travelling the world on a bycicle takes much more value and significance in times of airports, cars and high speed trains. Scumbled through the pages of his books he tells us the stories of different characters crossing his way by chance, free into an uncertain destiny, although promising. He becomes a kind of contemporary Quijote who does not fight against giant fans but instead he triy to get close to them to exchange friendship. His camera (Sancho) and his bicycle (Rocinante) are the only things that attaches him to his culture; apart from that he travels released to the rhythm of his pedaling and to the causality of his thought.


Crystal Mountain - Dr. John Rogerson "EFI Scans"

Crystal Mountain is a high vibrational healing and transformation research and experimentational project set in 40t of powerful healing crystals in the mountains of Ibiza. The mountain attracts experienced leaders of enquiry in the different fields of alternative medicine and healing and works with all kinds of extraordinary practitioners - from the astrological to psynautic divers into the inner and outer dimensions, ethnobotanists, nutritionists, wellness experts, Tantristas, Shamans and vibrational healers. Crystal mountain purpose is to learn more about the power of vibrational, plant medicinal and crystal healing.

This curious tribe is developing a future know-how of healing modalities fed from ancient techniques and knowledge to cutting edge vibrational technology of today.

The energy scans by Dr. John Rogerson are not only beautiful but bring electromagnetic aura fields into the visible spectrum. They are a source of deep information of a persons’ health and vibration field. Through the correct readings of this encrypted information it is possible to add another dimension of analysis of the human condition and help balance a Human Being in order to optimize his/her performance and wellbeing measurably at a psychophysical level.


Xavi Soler "Dolphin"

Xavi Soler´s creative work that's made from discarded materials that once had another purpose. This includes anything from old plastic toys and vehicle tires to scraps of cloth and building supplies. His Dolphin depicted in metal tools takes us to a new dimension of the impoverishment of craftsmanship against machine made items and the “surf” of the tide.

Can 7 Art Residency - Formentera Divers "Posidonia"

Can 7 Art Residency presents a selection of works by artists that stayed at this unusual property in Formentera during the summer 2019.

"As property owner in Formentera, we feel it is in our interest and part of our social responsibility to contribute to the preservation and protection of this sacred land and sea we enjoy and love. We strive to accomplish this through raising awareness within our local and international networks through art, bringing together our vision and expertise we seek to make our home a platform; a stage from which creative partnerships may make a positive environmental, social and conscious impact".


Jonathan Debin "Rules for the good life"

Jonathan Debin´s book is no ordinary book, written solely to entertain or provide tasty tidbits for witty dinner conversation. It is meant to engage you as the conscious creator of your own life. Our personal rules for the good life are the measure of the kind of human beings we are. In its pages you will find a sampling of rules for the good life from some of the great and near great. If any of these rules appeal to you, reproduce them and put them where you can see them every day. Commit them to memory and invoke them as your daily mantra.


Romy Querol "Family Memories"

Romy Querol´s interesting rhetoric relies on her radical change of sense of the doll´s symbology or of the origins of it. As a sign deeply rooted into the list of international pop culture objects, the artist plays with guided connotations to invert the concepts and to talk about something more contemporary, post-modern (or perhaps millennial), an idea of self-sufficiency and autonomy on desire becoming through double sense a contrasting game between solitude and communion with the world around us.


José del Río Mons "Virgins"

José del Río Mons´s work explore tradition in the island of Ibiza as a rare presence in todays environment.

Sex and tradition are his main interest. Sex and tradition are the interest of José del Río Mons. The pulse recovered from history in images that suggest lewd contents in Puritan eyes create a conceptual umbrella under which a sharp irony flourishes as a result of slow and deep obsevation.

Coral exhibition


José del Río Mons / Baron Wolman / Miguel Soler-Roig / Juan Barte / Subodh Kerkar /

Cristina Iturrioz / Renate Widmann / Can / EllebannA (Annabel Widmann) /

Djin Omen / Carlos Torreblanca / Antón Goiri / Juan Mas-Bagá / Friedrich Saller /

Jessica Sturgess / Marco Ferraris / Burkhard Von Harder / Romy Querol Soler /


Curated by Diego Alonso

Centro Cultural de Jesús - 6th to 30th October 2016

Calle Faisán 7 – JESUS - IBIZA

Hours: Monday to Friday 16 to 21 hs

OPENING - Thursday 6th October / 20:30hs

PRESENTATION of film "THE LAST HARE" by José del Río Mons 21:15hs

PERFORMANCE by ellebannA 21:30hs


MONDO GALERIA presents at the Cultural Center in Jesús (IBIZA) an unprecedented exhibition curated by Diego Alonso it is dedicated to the island of Ibiza and the creative peculiarity of this Balearic island. Since ancient times it has attracted creative elites from different corners of the planet and has ment a major change in the perception of their lives and work.

This eclectic exhibition, scattered in the wind of time, counts in its opening with the screening of the short film "The Last Hare" by José del Río Mons with original music by Richard Sturgess and artist Barry Flanagan as protagonist.

Read more …"Ibicenco" coral exhibition - IBIZA

Exposición coral


José del Río Mons / Baron Wolman / Miguel Soler-Roig / Juan Barte / Cristina Iturrioz /

Carlos Torreblanca / Fran Martí / Antón Goiri / Juan Mas-Bagá / Friedrich Saller /

Marco Ferraris / Carlos Crespo / Burkhard Von Harder / Romy Querol Soler / Hipgnosis

Comisario Diego Alonso

ATZARÓ IBIZA 16 al 23 de Julio

Hotel Atzaro, Cta. Sant Joan, KM15 in Ibiza


Taller de fotografía 17-18 de Julio

Ibicenco 24


"Palo" José del Río Mons

Read more …"Ibicenco" exposición coral en ATZARÓ

Alex Angi

Workshop RE-EVOLUTION (eco-art)

Coral installation, evolution-creation, The Plastic Age

IBIZA 7 - 8 & 9 de June



Virus, Alex Angi



Starting from industrial discards Alex Angi creates a world of distinctive color. His installations are visual compositions of such an intense color that makes it impossible for them to be unnoticed. With these almost amoebic objects he creates a very strong discurse on the impact of industrial production on the environment in an original and creative way.

Maison Electronique


In this participatory workshop the artist Alex Angi will perform a site-specific installation at the house that MONDO GALERIA opens this season in Ibiza, where along the summer 2016 will present photography workshops, fashion shows, music, installations and video-art projections, all under the motto "nature electronique" to focus through art on slow life, detached and aware of the nature while connected by electronics, the extension of our intelligence.


The Plastic Age


This theoretical and practical workshop contains several phases spread over 3 days:

1. Presentation of the artist's work
2. The form
3. Micro and Macro
4. Relationship between the natural and the artificial
5. G.N.R. (Genetics. Nanotechnology. Robotics)
6. Relationship with the historical moment
7. Group work on site-specific installation

Museo del Parco, Portolino


I am inspired by the relationship between the natural and the artificial, trying to represent or anticipate the historical reality in which we live, using plastic material which is the subject of our contemporaneity. After the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, today we can say that we are now in The Plastic Age.”c

Born in Cannes, France in 1965. Alex Angi works as a sinlge artist as well as part of Cracking Art Collective.

He is presented by MONDO GALERIA by the first time in Spain, after many venues in Europe and United States.

His work reflects on the probable death of nature. Studies of our society, of the current problems of our planet or even of the genetic revolution. According to him the world is in danger, but art can have a considerable impact on this evolution.

Alex Angi uses recycled materials transformed into art objects. As a gold prospector in public dumpsters recovers plastic and industrial materials and then transform them into works using different techniques. Recycling and accumulation of materials offers a new artistic expression, and his creations confirm their determination to defend nature and its determination to defend the planet.

For its colorful these works approach the Pop-Art and recycling the Nouveau-Réalisme.


Alex Angi, The Plastic Age


Who is it for?

Anyone who sits close to this line of thought. In line with the idea of modifying our life form, the anthropic effect.

Artists, poets, sculptors, students, researchers on genetics-nanotechnology-robotics, electronic musicians, agronomists, engineers, thinkers.


Urban Art Ranaissence, Trienale Milano


3 Intensive days Only

7 - 8 & 9 June 2016


350 euros (300 euros until 1st June)*

*Does not include travel and accomodation


in collaboration with



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