Terry O´Neill - Gered Mankowitz

“Breaking Stones

MONDO GALERIA - San Lucas 9 - 28004 - Madrid


MONDO GALERIA presents for the first time in Spain "Breaking Stones. A band on the brink of Superstardom. 1963-1965" an exhibition by Terry O´Neill and Gered Mankowitz celebrating the international launch of their new book of the same name. This exhibition puts together the best photographs of The Rolling Stones between 1963 and 1965, the most important years for the creation of the bands images, and a very particular time for pop culture. 25 photographs, some famous, some unknown, memes this exhibit un unmatchable opportunity for music and pop lovers. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards youth, even childish, discovering themselves in front of the camera, along with Brian Jones building up his myth of infant terrible. Bill Wyman full of irony and Charly Watts in an accessible mood, soft, without his elegant hermetism that will arrive later. After more than 50 years this photographs are a must to understand the growth of an era, with music, photography and art giving a turn of 360º to everything that has happen until then.


©Terry O´Neill


Breaking Stones. A Band on the Brink of Superstardom. 1963-1965


Terry O´Neill y Gered Mankowitz – 14 April until 31st May  2016

MONDO GALERIA - San Lucas 9 – Madrid - España

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11 to 20.30 hs

PUBLIC OPENING WITH TERRY O´NEILL - Thursday 14th April / 20hs

COCKTAIL PRESS Thursday 14th April - 12hs


©Terry O´Neill

"I was impressed by the Stones. The dressed in a casual way, an they were different from all other bands"

Terry O´Neill

An exhibition documenting the youth and dynamism of The Rolling Stones’ early formative years by esteemed photographer Terry O’Neill. This exhibition will be launching at Proud Chelsea in conjunction with the release of the highly anticipated book of the same name.  In the early 1960s, the world was undergoing extraordinary social changes, where class, money and power collided and the younger working class became the new idols of art, film, literature and music. Keith Richards has said, “Nobody knew at th e time that 1963 was a pivotal year. There was a whiff in the air, and I think Terry O’Neill probably felt it as much as I did, but from different angles. Terry was behind the lens, everywhere, always.”

Both the Rolling Stones and Terry O’Neill began their careers during these momentous years, launching them into the London Rock ‘n’ Roll scene and the Swinging Sixties.  Terry O’Neill’s reputation for photographing musicians such as The Beatles began to spread and soon the Stones’ manager, Andrew Loog Oldham, invited him to see them perform. Straightway O’Neill knew they were different, remembering, “I didn’t have to work too hard. They were just immediately cool.” Due to the camaraderie between photographer and subject, the young photographer was able to capture candid shots both on and off stage, resulting in spontaneous and exciting images and the start of pop pictures in newspapers.

©Gered Mankowitz

O’Neill was one of a few talented young photographers who helped create the photographic icons of the time and the buzz that became Swinging London. In just a few short years, he would continue to capture singular moments of music history and his iconic shots of a group of young ‘working musicians’ carrying their suitcases down Tin Pan Alley would come to symbolise the spirit and the times of a generation. O’Neill said, “I didn’t realise what an impact they were having until I went to Hollywood in 1964 on an assignment.
Here I was taking photos of legends like Fred Astaire and all they wanted to talk about was the Rolling Stones!” These working class boys had become impossible to ignore and O’Neill’s renowned images were the defining factor behind their success.

©Terry O´Neill


Breaking Stones 1963 – 1965: A Band on the Brink of Superstardom showcases a remarkable collection of rare images captured by O’Neill. It will reveal definitive moments throughout the Stones’ early career and will document the band’s beginnings before they became one of the most successful and prolific rocks bands in history.

The book, ‘Breaking Stones 1963 – 1965: A Band on the Brink of Superstardom’, published by ACC Editions on 11 April 2016, accompanies the exhibition.


Breaking Stones. A Band on the Brink of Superstardom. 1963-1965

Terry O'Neill and Gered Mankowitz, Edited by Robin

ISBN: 9781851498161
ACC Editions

300 mm x 237 mm
Pages: 240
Images: 100 color, 100 b&n
Hard Cover
Price: 40 euros





©Gered Mankowitz



©Terry O´Neill

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