"Microsensation" by Diego Alonso

Book launch July 2021

Celebrating 10 years of MONDO GALERIA

+Collectors edition

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It is a very special moment for MONDO GALERIA, our 10th Anniversary!

We celebrate with the launch of my book “Microsensation” a novel about love, dreams and the socio-political condition that led us to where we are today.

I finished writing this book in the year 1998 when I was living in India and I can say that it continues to be very contemporary today.

I would like you to read it, and draw your own conclusions about it.




"MICROSENSATION" by Diego Alonso
21 x 15 cm / 124 pages / Edición 2021
18,00 euros



Personally this book has led me to review the past, rewind ideas and to tie up the dots that have led me along this wonderful path called ART.

This year of introspection has helped me to understand the processes and relationships within the art world. To stop, take a step back and observe the place that Art Galleries occupy as transmitters of ideas and promoters of thought in this avalanching world that threatens to destroy anything that boasts freedom.

We have prepared a special edition MONDO GALERIA 10 YEARS that is already available in our online store, in Spanish or in English. If you  have any questions or want to receive more information do not hesitate to write to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wishing you a happy summer and that you continue with us for another decade!

Diego Alonso

"Microsensation" is a fluffy, fluctuating literature, freed to the rhythm of whom immersed in it will undress it. Rich in mysteries for the - unconscious - reader to decipher.


"MICROSENSATION" by Diego Alonso
21 x 15 cm / 124 pages / Collectors Edition only 10 copies

Contains an original painting

81,00 euros

A decade with MONDO GALERIA.

It has been (and continues to be) a very difficult process, but looking back, a very interesting one. A gallery, as I understand, is a way of life. An apprenticeship in which friendship, family, family changes, life, death, desire, love and hate intervene. Emotions, which is what we try to convey through the exhibitions we have made, collaborations with artists, collaborations with the press world, institutions and indirectly (why not) politics.

We try to put our two pence to the cultural fabric woven by society, originated in a city, but in extend to the whole world. We open a window into our artistic universe, into a world that increasingly ignores us. We play an ideological Robin Hood since we understood that the control mechanisms just feed on certain kind of messages. We proposed other narratives infiltrated in that mediatic Soma, aided by its propulsion and assuming its tools. However, we maintained a free and independent presence, without tying ourselves to fashions or trends that inherently oppose freedom of expression.

It is not easy. So much water under the bridge, on the bridge and on both sides of it. Always on the verge of drowning. Human relationships, as we all know, are complicated in their simplicity and sometimes when they seem to be understanding is when we are further away from what is actually happening.

None of this would have been possible without the artists. Those friends, brothers-children-parents, colleagues with whom we live and create together. Those who bring their art to this way of life, those who are there when you need them and for whom one is at their entire disposal. Those who want to kill you one day and adore you the next. Those who only remember you when they need something and those who are there in the worst moments. It is always, Always, a pleasure to share with them their visions, their concerns, their magic. Art is life, let's not forget it.

To clients with their persistence and understanding of our multiverse I thank them for entering our world, this invented world that speaks through its codes of that world so real that we do not even know if it exists. You sensible beings who come to our space to bring something from your private lives, whom we help and you help us select among all those emotions which ones we want to explore at this or that moment.

To the critics, please don't come. Not as spies but as friends, as companions and delineators of this delusion. Like those who reverberate the scope of that window that we open to our hearts. And that you also do it from your own heart, without desire to defame or destroy but with constructive emotional fun. As many of you have come, with whom it is really a luxury to maintain contact today and have grown hand in hand during all this period.

I am grateful to all of them, as well as to so many friends who in numerous roles have walk side by side this small journey into this Space-Time of Being.

Diego Alonso
Marrakech, June 2021.

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