Photography Workshop

"IBIZA nude and fantasy" (Water and night through light)

Directed by Miguel Soler-Roig / coordinated by MONDO GALERIA

©Miguel Soler-Roig

This workshop, held in the beautiful setting of the island of Ibiza, is primarily aimed to teach the mastery of light in the landscape and the female nude in both, daytime and night time.

During the day sessions we will visit different locations to take advantage of natural light. At night we will use different elements like flash lights, color leds…etc to enhance the nude figure.

Our photography workshop, will open up a world of new and wonderful visual experiences for you. Students will learn to see the world through new visions.
Using your camera along with the experienced tutor, Miguel Soler-Roig, will allow you to explore your creative potential to the fullest.

Our aim is to provide engaging concepts and techniques on pleasant workshops, that work on your skills as a photographer while building appreciation and sensitivity for aspects like composition, light, color or scenography.


This workshop will be held during 3 days
Dates: 10th to 12th August

Meeting point: MONDO GALERIA - Bo Káo (IBIZA)



Ibiza, often called the White Island for its typical architecture, became a major center of touristical attraction during the 1960s, being
Then famous for its "Hippie-Culture" and nudist beaches.

Today Ibiza has an ample offer as well for families and older visitors, anyhow, still there are the young ones who are attracted by the island's rollicking nightlife, which already starts in the afternoon, at the beaches and in the center of town, to continue until dawn in the numerous discotheques.

If you leave the beaches behind you, to explore the island's interior, you will find a pure and simple Mediterranean culture, and remains of populations which inhabited Ibiza thousands of years ago.

©Miguel Soler-Roig




Walking down the beach towards Sa Trinxa along the romping dunes and bushes, the early morning wind stabs me. Hunching over, I wish for a small fragment of sunlight (…)Moorish sounds float in the distance intermixed with trance music and bongos... the noises are exotic and bring distant mystery over the landscape... perfumes of incense, and scenes of magic worlds mix with real fantasies, it's like entering inside someone else's mind...… (Miguel Soler-Roig)



Have you heard of Atlantis on Ibiza? It is a magical place opposite es Vedra. Centuries ago this place was used as a quarry and the cut stones were used to build homes, defensive towers and the walls of the fortified city.

©Miguel Soler-Roig


Located off the Southwest coast of IBIZA lies the mysterious rock island Es vedra, almost 400 meters in height, made of limestone and surrounded by many MYTHS and LEGENDS.

Some sayings about Es vedra...

- it was the island of the sirens in the Homer epics
- it was the holy island of TANIT, who came to
Ibiza as Phoenician goddess of fertility and heavenly mother and became Ibiza’s patroness
- that specific rituals were performed and sacrifices in her honor were made on ES VEDRA
- Don Francisco Palau (19th century Carmelite priest) retreated on Es Vedra for some periods, where he claims to have experienced mystical revelations while meditating and having encountered unearthly light beings
- the Ibizan Hippies say it is an ancient landing place for ’inter-galactics’
- ES VEDRA is the tip of the sunken civilization of Atlantis
- part of ES VEDRA was used to build the ancient Egyptian pyramids
- one can make a wish as soon as the island ES VEDRA comes in sight.....

©Miguel Soler-Roig


The beaches of Formentera are the island's main attraction...the beautiful white sandy beaches and clear turquoise seas are the things holiday dreams are made of.

All the beaches on Formentera are natural and almost always set within an unspoiled landscape.

Cala Saona

This small beach, despite its limited size (it is hardly 140m long) is one of the most beautiful you can visit. Its characteristic tranquillity and beauty make this cove a place not to be missed for tourists.

It is surrounded, of course, by restaurants and bars, where you can eat or cool down with a drink while you enjoy the marvellous views.
It offers of the nearby island of Ibiza or, without going so far, the coast of Punta Pedrera or the lovely Punta Rasa cliffs, which can easily be accessed on foot as they are hardly 10 minutes from the beach


Playa Illetes

White sand stretching as far as the eye can see, and incredibly clear azure waters both contribute to that Caribbean feeling the island is famous for. This beach attracts a real mixture of people; daytrippers from Ibiza, the rich and famous stopping by in their expensive yachts and locals topping up their tan at the weekend. In the height of summer Playa Illetes is perhaps the busiest of all Formentera's beaches, due to its close proximity to the port.


Is a heavenly place formed by rocks, bringing together a feeling of enormous loneliness and freedom. You need to visit and walk here to realise how majestic it is.




☞ 3. NUDE

This workshop will consist in exploring technical and emotional challenges inherent while making artistic nude photography in the outdoors.
©Miguel Soler-Roig
We will analyze individual concepts and each participant will develop a personal body of work. The proposals will be reviewed previously before starting the workshop by the staff and the participants in an open briefing.

We will study different approaches to work with models in the outdoors, trying to avoid “unnatural poses”. Students can expect to be taking a large number of photos to help them assimilate and refine their skills, which are intended to liberate them from unnecessary methodology that can restrict their spontaneity.

The kind of photography gender that we will be working is called nude which it is not the same as naked. “The definition of ‘naked’ is a picture
in which the unadorned female is gratuitous, whereas ‘nude’ is a woman whose lack of clothing is integral to the message, which may, in a semantically confusing way, express naked emotion. If a picture is stronger without the model, or the model could easily be posed another way for a better picture, it’s likely you’re looking at a naked woman. If, on the other hand, the presence of a figure is central to the image, and cannot be removed without losing the composition, or if posed differently weakens the piece, she’s probably nude.”

(…) “Nudes, on the other hand, transcend the nakedness of the model. What you see is the beauty of form, the conversation of shape. A nude can be slender, she can be heavy, traditionally beautiful or conventionally ugly, but her body always has something to say. A nude may not show those parts that are uniquely female; a nude may be largely androgynous; she might be fully relaxed; she might be raw emotion. Possibly there are props or context where they lend something to the story, but you won’t find superfluous objects. The relationship described may be between the body and its surroundings, or the body and its parts.”[1]

The other key element apart from nudes is landscape. When we combine a figure, into incredible landscapes, we relate to the image in a much more intimate and personal way than a straight landscape. Nudes setting in the studio have no context.

When working with the nude in the landscape, you have to spend much more time looking for good settings, than actually making images. Although in this workshop we will provide you the best scenarios to facilitate you this labor. Ibiza has unique natural characteristics and in its secret places you will find amazing views just for you, without the noise of tourism.

“Solitary spaces and deserted landscapes reflected the absence of any presence. The void and hollow were obvious in the scenes, a constant lecture, bringing light into darkness, showing a direction to follow along the path of loneliness. Ways that led to nostalgic travel, without return”.[2]

We will also emphasize night shots, using sequences between twilight and the brilliance of dawn. We are planning to experience photography at sea and under water, taking advantage of the multiple characteristics of this medium.

“In deep blue water, kind of warm, light is moving fast, but the rest seams to stand still, like the wind. The water is thick and soundless. My body floats like a mind in extra sensitive hallucination. Somehow it purges the heart and mind of the fear and mortality.”[3]


[1] Sturges, Jock.

[2] Soler-Roig, Miguel. Writings and memories of summers spent in Ibiza, 1977-201
[3] Soler-Roig, Miguel. Op.cit.

©Miguel Soler-Roig


Bo Káo is a new space located in the heart of Ibiza, facing the 18th century church of San Rafael in the traditional Ibizan house which for many years housed the legendary restaurant "L' Elephant". Bo Káo today offers its visitors much more than a restaurant ... It is an experience for all the senses, a return to origins of this wonderful island. Every evening from 20h we open the doors to a delicious Mediterranean cuisine in the indoor and outdoor lounges of the restaurant. Upstairs in the Sky Bar, you can enjoy a wide range of cocktails & tapas enjoying the best view of Dalt Villa and Formentera while listening to fine music selection, concocted by our resident DJs. All this is offered in a unique setting where the antique furniture is sailing in the middle of photographs and design objects brought from the 4 corners of the planet by MONDO GALERIA.



Professional photographers as well as amateurs who want to explore nude photography and landscape photography through another point of view, as well as to enhance their knowledge with practice.

Inscription open until 30th July

To book your place please follow one of the links below or you can send us and email to organize your participation.



Inscription: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*The price does not include transport to Ibiza, and does include accomodation .

(if you need help on finding your flight or accomodation we can help you)

Price includes:

  • Model
  • Sailing to Formentera
  • Moving inside the island
  • Workshop fee



MIGUEL SOLER-ROIG (b. Barcelona, 1961)

In his multiple journeys through different countries, he has been in contact with different cultures, adding to his cosmopolitan and adventurous career a worldly knowledge and refined lifestyle, transmitting such qualities in all his works.

As a student at the School of Art in Basel, Switzerland he cultivated a sharper vision towards life thanks to his continuous visits to museums, exhibitions, artist studios and fairs. Later on, during his higher education at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence (USA) and in his early career in New York, he enhanced his enthusiasm for the arts as an inner necessity. On his return to Spain he continues studies in photography, and completes an European Master on Fine Art Photography at IED Madrid, and several professional photography workshops organized by PhotoEspaña.

Today as an artist, photography is his main art feature, weaving in him natural instincts and deeper feelings. He lives the moments while taking photographs, but as he himself confirmes, sometimes portrays what he wants to live. On the other hand, he is very active in the circuits of contemporary art, workshops, conferences (Photoespaña, Arles, Fotofest), exhibitions coordination and cultural management.

Some of the most prominent spaces where he has shown his work are: RISD Museum of Art, Providence; American Institute of Graphic Arts, New York; Schule für Gestaltung, Basel; PhotoEspaña festival, Madrid; Museu Vida Rural, Tarragona; IVAM Museum, Valencia and Venice Arsenale.
Recent solo exhibitions and group shows include: Madrid Photo; Copenhagen Photo Festival; Antonio Saura Foundation, Cuenca; Lisbon Art Fair; Galeria Alejandro Sales, Barcelona; JustMad Art Fair, Madrid; ” Mutants Books” Casa Encendida, Madrid; Gallery Blanca Berlín, Madrid; Arte Laguna, Venice; ABSOLUT Portfolio’s Show, Photo España; PINTA, New York; Fotofest, Houston; Fotofever, Paris; Society for Photographic Education, Cleveland, Ohio; Lianzhou Foto Festival, China; Arts Libris, Barcelona and Photo London.


He has traveled extensively to Arizona, Utah, Mexico and other countries like Ethiopia, China and Morocco to complete his current photography projects.



DIEGO ALONSO (b. Buenos Aires, 1973)

Lives and works in Madrid. ©Miguel Soler-Roig

Immediately after finishing his degree audiovisual design in 1995 travels to India, where he remained for nearly a decade. After a sabbatical year traveling the subcontinent returns to Bombay (now Mumbai) his starting point. After that, he made advertising photography works, always within the document or travel style, which allows him to travel extensively within India and Asia. In 1998 he held his first solo exhibition "The Flow" in the Piramal Gallery of the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) Bombay.



In 2000 he makes the exhibition "Nothing." His commercial work is focused on study experiments. In 2006 he published in Buenos Aires "Walking" a confusing and extensive photographic diary that takes him to Milan where he lived for a year and later to Madrid where he made his exhibition "Everything ... nothing." (2006) at Rita Castellote Gallery.

For "MEGHALAYA" (2011) he recovers and reinterprets works made in India between 1997 and 2004. In 2007 he works in Rita Castellote Gallery where he ended up being the artistic director from 2010 to 2012. This year he created MONDO GALLERY along with Marta Valea dedicated to photography and design. The gallery has participated in international fairs, as well as collaborated with institutions such as the US Embassy in Madrid, the French Institute and the Italian Cultural Institute. The space has exhibited photographers from international agencies such as Magnum, and also emerging artists.

From MONDO GALLERY he has organized workshops and photo trips to India or Morocco as well as those held in the same venue of the gallery at Madrid San Lucas 9.




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