“A night with Marilyn

Exhibition of photographs / 24th November 2016 until 10th January 2017

Opening Thursday 24th November - 20hs.

"In my recollection she moved with a floating slow motion, more ethereal than real.
That was the strange thing about Marilyn’s voluptuousness and beauty… it wasn’t really earthly".

Douglas Kirkland


 MONDO GALERIA pays a tribute, one more time, to the great "Diva" of the silver screen and pop icon: Marilyn Monroe. For the first time in Spain presents the exhibition "A night with Marilyn" by canadian photographer Douglas Kirkland. Frank Sinatra´s music, champagne, silk bed linen, a man and a woman. The dream of any man of that time materialized on a young photographer shooting his assignment for the 25th anniversary of the mythical Look magazine. The result: un unforgettable series of photographs, a vulnerable, natural and undeniably seductive Marilyn, an unprecedented style which will inspire upcoming sessions with great photographers of the time.
What is it, all this obsession about Marilyn Monroe?

Is it her fragility (though she had the strength to get to where she got)? Is it her sensuality (even if much of her beauty was artificial)? Is it her acting (despite not having been a great actress)?

Over the years (and with the help of artists and strategists), Marilyn Monroe has become an icon; one of the biggest and most important cultural icons in contemporary history. We could consider her a meta-icon, since she is an icon that does not symbolise anything in particular, and at all in general.

A sign of our times. A collective obsession. Marilyn Monroe is not a woman anymore, nor an actress, nor a diva, but she is a symbol of our paradigm, a cult element comparable to an Hindu or Greek goddess, such as Rati or Aphrodite. She is an object of adoration into a culture without gods, or a culture in which gods are ever closer to humanity, and to vulnerability.

I did not spend three days in bed with Marilyn…if I had, these photographs probably would not exist! (Kirkland laughs). I met Marilyn on three occasions. I was struck by the apparent simplicity of her life. Her home was definitely not what one would expect of a great movie star. She simply said, “Okay I know what we need.
We need a bed with white silk sheets and nothing else, and it will work. “But,” she added, “The sheets must be silk.” The curtain was rising on one of the most amazing, memorable evenings of my life. I remember seeing two female assistants, one for hair and makeup and the other, I assumed, carrying bags of clothes. Marilyn gave me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, and then they all disappeared into the dressing room. When she came back out, to
my great surprise, she suddenly sat up in bed, covered her breasts and announced to all, “I think I should be alone with this boy.” Now it was just the two of us. Me with Marilyn Monroe. I wasn’t sure exactly what was expected of me. What was I supposed to do? I retreated behind my camera and started shooting again.


This selection of photographs printed in limited editions supervised personally by Douglas Kirkland was made specially for MONDO GALERIA where they will be available for aquisition or enjoyment of the public until begining of year 2017.



Marilyn Monroe
1961. Hollywood..
© Douglas Kirkland




"Marilyn Monroe & Wally Cox (in car)" (2015) by Lawrence Schiller
15 x 10 cm / Pigment print on Hanhemühle Photo Rag
Edition 99 exemplaires /60,50 euros


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