Antón Goiri


Photography Exhibition/ 10th of November - 12th of December 2015

Opening Tuesday 10th of November 2015 – 20:00

“My head is a dark labyrinth, and sometimes lightning strikes and illuminates the paths. I never know why I do things."

Ernesto Sábato "El Túnel"(The Tunnel)

MONDO GALERIA presents Antón Goiri new exhibition in Madrid. The Basque photographer presents his vision shaped by spaces that play with our perception, anchored in the thin line between reality and fiction.

Like an idyllic hero, Antón Goiri flies over the depths. He invites us to join his journey, a journey simply to experiment with light, reflection and shade. 

With his camera he faces bleak scenes, dealing with heavy realities, yet somehow manages to fill them with poetry that only his imagination and refined technique can extract.

As an alchemist of the image, the tunnels and underground enclosures that dominate his subject matter become alive beyond their usual sinister appearance. When looking at Goiri’s work, one does not face the haunting tunnels of Ernesto Sábato or intimidating passageways that transport the characters of the move The Matrix. In “Concrete” we see light tunnels, in which architecture and construction disappear to bring us closer to a dream space trapped between the universe of David Lynch and Nicolas Winding Refn. It is no coincidence that Goiri’s images refer to novels, films or dreams, since his imagery is a narrative composed with precision and above all the intention to take us beyond the everyday. 

Goiri’s work transports us to his space and puts it in a more metaphysical plane than that of a simple image hunter. It places us in the space of art, where we cannot see the space for anything but simply what it is.


About Antón Goiri (Bilbao, 1970)

Goiri began his studies in Law, but he was always drawn to photography. After acting as the right hand man for Javier González de Durana and next to Robert Rauschenberg in the Rekalde Room in 1993, Goiri decided to settle in Madrid and attempted to make something of himself. ‘It was not easy.’ Many “tomato spaghettis” later, Goiri now signs photographs for major Spanish magazines and dreams of his next project.


© Antón Goiri

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