Asier Rua

“Madrid Interior

Photography Exhibition / 24th September - 10th October 2015

...Madrid is about having nothing but about having everything.”.

Ramón Gómez de la Serna

MONDO GALERIA presents “Madrid Interior,” the first solo photography exhibition of Asier Rua. The viewer is invited to get to know Madrid in a very special way, a way in which colour and history merge to reveal a latent city belonging to everyone, without intimacy or privacy. Fifteen photographs have been selected, from the ninety-three available in his book, which offer us a tour that began in the artist’s mind 7 years ago. For the first time in the city of Madrid, the photographs allow us to see the city blessed with colour and the chaotic elegance that is quintessentially Madridleño, which Rua has managed to capture in these images. 

The exhibition is a tour of some iconic sites like the Madrid Casino owned by Jaime Hayón, Florida Park or the Spanish Film Library; or private spaces created by people for whom colour is a hallmark, such as the houses of Ouka Lee, Pepe Leal or Ágata Ruiz of La Prada, and the shops of Lorenzo Castillo and Guile García- Hoz. Projects by architects Izaskun Chinchilla, Andrés Jaque and Teresa Sapey are also portrayed. But this portrayal of Madrid would not be complete without the spaces of anonymous people, since the intention is not to reflect the interior design of Madrid but to capture the polyhedral essence of the city.

In some cases it is the history that gives value to the photographs because the passage of time and day-to-day life have impacted the spaces, as is the case of the mural that appears in the Almodóvar film ‘Labyrinth of Passions,’ home of the character Sexi (Cecilia Roth).

Accompanying the exhibition MONDO EDICIONES presents a limited edition prints based on photographs from “Madrid Interior” that can be purchased during the show. After the show they will become part of the MONDO GALERIA collection of public/affordable alternatives for those who want to start/continue their own art collections. 


About Asier Rua

Asier Rua was born in San Sebastián in 1984. Rua became a photographer in 2001 when he discovered Alberto Schommer’s “Autobiography of a Madrileño” (A Madrileño is a person from Madrid). The following year he moved to Madrid where he studied Photography at the TAI school. He now lives and works in Madrid, photographing interiors for national publications such as AD Spain, El País Semanal, Yo Dona, Elle Décor, MiCasa, Contract Project, Muud Magazine, Singulares Magazine, Oficinas or Tiger Magazine, Frame (Holland), Casa Claudia (Portugal), CasaUrbana (Portugal), DyD (Argentina), VD (Chile), PLOT (Argentina), Residenze (Holland) and editorials cuh as Parramón, Ifengspace (China) y Hustpas (China). 

He also works directly for decorators such as Lorenzo Castillo, Erico Navazo, Luis Puerta, Luis García Fraile, Guille García-Hoz, Javier Sol, Tristán Domecq and Jean Porsche. He has also worked with architects such as Izaskun Chinchilla, Miel Arquitectos, Javier Peña Ibáñez, Alejandra Calabrese, 2Arquitectos, La Traviesa de Conde Duque and Mikel Larrinaga. In addition he has carried out media campaigns for Ikea, Desigual and Mut Design.




"Cine Doré - Madrid Interior" (2015) por Asier Rua
15 x 10 cm / Tintas pigmentadas sobre papel Hanhemühle Photo Rag
Edición de 99 ejemplares /60,50 euros


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