St. Moritz


Art exhibition at Chateau Papillion des Arts

26 - 30 December Via Foppas 15 – St. Moritz Dorf - Switzerland

Curated by AD.Ibiza

Man Ray / Deborah Feingold / David del Bosque / Álvaro Laiz / Margherita Chiarva / Sergio de Arrola / Daniel Meuli / Deisho Shito / Kesang Lamdark / Macoto Murayama / Burkhard von Harder / Giorgios Vogiatzakis / Frau Tutsberger  / Oliver Conrad  / Fred Evans / Thomas Jost / Beny Steiner / Enrico Giacometti / Lorenzo Polin / Johann Feuerstein / Noemi Manser / Toni Castells

MONDO GALERIA and ChAI ShOP in collaboration with PRIMO PIANO presents for the first time in St. Moritz “Das Magisches Theater” an art exhibition curated by AD.IBIZA studio as a tribute to the novel “Steppenwolf” by the Swiss Nobel Price winner Hermann Hesse.

This immersive exhibition present more than 30 artworks by 25 local and international artist from emerging talent to old masters working in different media, from photography and sculpture to video and audio installations.  

This show references an invitation that Steppenwolf's Harry Haller receives to attend an “Anarchist Evening at The Magic Theatre. For Madmen Only. Price of Admission Your Mind”. The exhibition takes us onto an interpretation of life as a performance, reality and fiction, where art acts as a mirror to us spectators, on a path to discover the self and its pluralities as an inherent condition of mankind.

The exhibition will take place at Chateau Papillion des Arts at a walking distance from the famous Dracula Club in St. Moritz Dorf from 26th to 30th December as part of the KunstKantine PRIMO PIANO.

Das Magische Theater by Diego Alonso


In a strange twist of events, the human mind was first dethroned and banished from the center of creation only to reawaken in the fabric of existence.
Information - Consciousness - Reality” (2019) James B. Glattfelder

In eternity there is no time, only an instant long enough for a joke.
Steppenwolf” (1927) Hermann Hesse



Once you are into this magic dance of life nothing will be again as ever. Out of your comfortable numbness you will encounter extraordinary sensations that will build up your ideas muscle by muscle.

From now on the curtain is open and you will jump spontaneously to your public.


Life as a performance.


Margherita Chiarva "The space in between #1" Platinum Palladium Print 120 x 80cm

Memory is a Snow ball avalanche pushing you through life as a spontaneous chain of orgasms.

Easy apocalyptic predictions obscuring relevant brilliant futures feed garbage into angelical mouths.

Engines pumping testosterone on a scaling road to nowhere. Genital transformation of an emotional soul. Oedipus or Electra running through the veins of an uprising stallion. Everything set to gallop towards an open field of velocity.

Time is a matter of consciousness with Hyperthymestic syndrome.

Nostalgia of unforgotten youth.

Álvaro Laiz "Transmongolia" Pigment Print 120 x 80cm

First steps in adult life takes us to a definition of boundaries which are there to be destroyed through an ascension into freedom of time and space. A walk through a narrowed social path that contains a pulsing adolescent appetite for destruction. Adrenaline track pumping steroidal anxiety in volcanic muscle fiber. Octopusian mind of substantial awakening.

Kill your parents. Kill your God. Kill your teachers.

Small town enormous inferno.

Art separates us from other species. Artificial Intelligence pervading over organic masturbation. Conscious empiric accusation to what hides beneath society's aspirational freedom.

There is no time for mass produced cheap trash. It's time for high-end custom particles of subatomic intelligence proliferating through spiritual friendly markets. Time to create a chorus reality where space is understood as an eternal multiplayground for existence divers.
     … Being as air.

Deceptive perfect future.

A guide in the desert.

Frau Tutsberger "Nightjar" Oil on canvas 160 x 160cm

Nobody seems to need nothing in their own perception of perfection. But deserts need rain as light seeks darkness to attain a balanced mental physic emotion where just pure soul remains, if any of all these vibrations are transcendental. Past. Passed.

Breath. Decelerate. Enjoy.

Burkhard von Harder "Mirage" Photograph on paper 160 x 110cm

Your satisfaction is not your responsibility it is part of a vibrational reality created as the same field of all of us. You can expect. You can demand, but nothing will be the same from now on, you will experience the emptiness that will help you grow.

Close your eyes and relax.

Welcome to Das Magische Theater.

Johann Feuerstein "Portrait" 30 x 40 cm Photograph / Macoto Murayama "Botech Composition" Video

AD.Ibiza is an Art and Design Studio directed by Diego Alonso and Alexeja Pozzoni.
The studio takes care of the direction of MONDO GALERIA an art gallery in Madrid dedicated to art and design.

MONDO GALERIA has created exhibitions for galleries and art centers around the globe and has collaborated with private and public institutions to promote the work of the artist represented.

The latest exhibition curated was for the Venice Biennale 2019 in collaboration with the European Cultural Center.

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