Dilan D´Agata

21st APRIL to 30th MAY 2018



"It begins somewhere, or perhaps nowhere, perpetuates the fragile humanity that drowns in her. Deafening symphony of muted feelings. She keeps writing, so that this fragile humanity does not fall apart." Antoine D´Agata

MONDO GALERIA presents for the first time in Spain the works by Dilan D'Agata, precursive of a post-millennial generation that brings us closer to the latest in contemporary photography. Free of connotations and threshed discourses, the young French photographer, daughter of the famous darn photographer Antoine D'Agata, demonstrates how generational transfer does not need to emulate an assimilated language to achieve mastery. From her work emerges a critical freshness towards the inherited, a narrative wander through that own story that only she can tell through a refined technique in appropriation and decontextualization of media. Her rhetoric is fugacious, ephemeral, to capture an absolute moment in which the past-future vanishes in a symbolic caress towards her being: fragile, futile, sincere.


The author will be present at the opening to sign copies of "Mytho" her self-published photo book, which was presented in 2016 as part of the Festival Off des Rencontres d'Arles and at the Paris Photo fair.



“Mytho”. 2016. Dilan D´Agata.

About emotion on poetry creation

Emotions make the human animal a vulnerable, fragile, tangible being. However, they strengthen the spirit in a tacit growth towards understanding the universe. There is a human feeling that creates a continuous free of value flow of sensations that generate and shape memory. They make of being a unique and memorable entity according to the ephemeral traits that have torn their integrity. Sometimes in the form of caresses; sometimes in the form of a wound.

There is no way to trace back the path of memory, since its passage is amorphous, abstract and of timeless behavior. Its step is weightless, light against its heavy weight in the psyche. It does and undoes at its wish. It sweeps, kneads or annihilates all referential cognitive space-time presence, re-emerging in a wave that can be reached only through poetry or love (perhaps meditation).

In his defense the poor sensitive being creates divine archetypes to help to carry that weight, that lack of form. While the poetic being creates, his space, his time, his encounter in front of that playful moment empty of fear, of ardor, of misfortune, literary or visually armed of his experience. All those unique moments conjugate in a triumphal apex with which his being penetrates the world and all that emotional armor that identifies him before the self. There is no longer a wake, no light that can leave the enjoyment of that creation, however murky, pained or meaningful its origin. There is no turning back, nor front, before this magma of recurrent drive.


“Mytho”. 2016. Dilan D´Agata.



Dilan D´Agata
(France, 2000) 

She does not consider herself a photographer, but accumulates thousands of clicks from childhood and explores, through words and images, the complex process of self-writing.
Photography is an inheritance that she has appropriated and reconstructed patiently, in her image.

A voice tells a story.
Find the right words

She is worried, she refuses to consider feelings as a weakness that she must hide or confront, but she accepts to live the intensity, to face better her fear, and to say, the strength of which she is capable.

She reveals a world,
She realizes what she sees,
to preserve what will be lost.

It is because of the doubt that she constructs and confronts herself. Poetry opens the way to what feeds and hurts it at one time. Finds a way that lets her see what is challenged in herself, offers a new texture to her fears and desires, fills her dreams with intimate figures, weaving a trivial story of myths and lies.

She plays her own role, tries to live according to what she feels. A girl always driven by feelings and desires, looking for wounded memories, without weakness and without remorse. She breathes, and says in a whisper what is unbearable for her.

You hurt me
You lie?
Are you lying to yourself?
Do you settle in the myth
that they do weave around you?

Her photographs echo an altered intimacy, a pixilated memory, context of a story that will not be narrated. The one who sees will understand or recognize himself in this love for the other, in this fear of occupying a despicable place and of an isolating exterior. She talks the anger and the incomprehension, loneliness and longing, hope and suffering. She does not know what life is, and does not want to know.

She only knows about the world what she perceives.

There are no dates, no places, no names. It does not matter who she talks to, it does not matter who she is.
Sometimes she is afraid.
She does not try to understand more.
She does not forget.

It begins somewhere, or perhaps nowhere, perpetuates the fragile humanity that drowns in her. Deafening symphony of muted feelings. She keeps writing, so that this fragile humanity does not fall apart.

We never get used to it.
The voice is too strong.

“Mytho”. 2016. Dilan D´Agata.

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